Pizzatopia is owned by Fast Casual Holding- a firm specializing in the creation, operational management and development of its Fast Casual Dining food chains. Fast Casual Holding is the owner and operator of two brands: Cupcake Corner and Pizzatopia.

The success of our company is built on many years of experience in the gastronomy industry, combined with over 25 years of experience building a global financial firm. We possess a strong and stable investment base supporting our development.

Pizzatopia was created after many intense years of work on the entire concept:

from the product, through the architecture, to the branding and marketing strategy.

We possess a range of EU patents, as well as trademarks, that ensure legal protection of the uniqueness of Pizzatopia.


Our office consists of the departments of: finances, accounts, marketing, operations and development. We are a team of professionals from the gastronomy industry. Our operational experience was gained in a wide range of locations, from local restaurants to worldwide food chains. We share a passion to create unique and extraordinary concepts, based on Operational Excellence and branding, which breaks the status quo of a typical restaurant.

Our most valued work qualities are good fun, professionalism, and being uncompromising.

Our development strategy involves opening our own or partner Pizzatopia restaurants in Poland’s largest cities and beyond.

Contact us if you run a business outside of Poland, in the EU, and:

  • You own a commercial space or multiple spaces in an interesting area of a city where there isn’t a Pizzatopia, and would like to open a Pizzatopia on the basis of a franchise or partnership or rent out the space to us.
  • You are an engaged co-investor, who would like to develop Pizzatopia together in a specific area.
  • You are a franchise owner or restaurant operator and you would like to deepen your pockets with a Pizzatopia.
  • You are an effective, hard-working and industrious manager who believes in leading by example. You have experience in operational management in the gastronomy industry. You want to partake in the building and development of Pizzatopia in your city or specific area.
Write me directly through
Marcin Dutkiewicz,
CEO & Founder, Pizzatopia
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