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PIZZATOPIA is a place that forever changes the status quo of the typical restaurant. It’s a brand comprised of people whose passion is to offer something completely different, a totally new experience of “going out for pizza.”

Our mission is to make you our favorite pizza according to your specifications, in less than 3 minutes, in our fun-loving atmosphere of great music, relaxing conversation, and laughter. We also want to engage you, our team, and our company in practical activities in the local community.


Pizzatopia arose from a simple dream to create a place with pizza, with honest ingredients, innovative and even utopian.
ITALIAN DOUGH — our dream is to create lighter-than-air pizza. Our dough is not just the first ingredient in our pizza; it’s the best part. We make our dough from the best flours and a pinch of dried yeast, then allow it to rise for 48 hours in specially controlled conditions. Thanks to this special process, our dough is light, and after baking it is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Just how we love it!
LIGHTNING FAST — we all love to go out for pizza, but nobody likes to wait for it! We get it. Our pizza is baked in < 3 minutes.
INGREDIENTS YOU CHOOSE — we all are different, with unique tastes. So why should pizza have to be confined to a limited number of pre-defined choices on a menu created by one person — the chef? At Pizzatopia, you craft your own pizza exactly as you wish. You are the best pizzaiolo!
ONE PRICE — Let your creativity run wild! It doesn’t matter how many ingredients you choose — you will always pay the same great price.
RELAXED ATMOSPHERE — smiling staff, friendly and warm, great music, modern interiors, and the aroma of fresh-baked pizza. That’s our favorite vibe.
Italian pizza
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long-maturing dough 48H



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